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Jon Stewart Interview With CNBC's Jim Cramer on The Daily Show

In This Economy! Jim Cramer Nearly Cries on The Daily Show

Lordy! I thought Jim Cramer was going to crack last night on The Daily Show when CNBC's ongoing kerfuffle with Jon Stewart came to a head. His voice wavered as Jon accused him of one-sided journalism — dishing out financial advice while not acknowledging the dirty work that goes on behind the markets.

How would old man Cramer know? Well, he used to run a hedge fund and manipulated the market for sport. Jon submits evidence with video clips from his hedge-fund days that goes a lot like this:

I would encourage anyone in a hedge fund to do it. Because it's legal. And it's a very quick way to make money — and very satisfying. By the way no one else in the world would ever admit that but I don't care. I'm not gonna say it on TV.

To see more of Cramer's voice cracking while apologizing for everything and nothing,


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