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K-Fed: What I've Been Searching For...?

K-Fed: What I've Been Searching For...?

First, he sold his soul to Nationwide and now he's gone worldwide with his indecent overexposure. How? Via the worldwide web. Yes folks, K-Fed recently launched his very own search engine, which is appropriate, since he's clearly searching for a way to keep his talentless career up and running post-Britney. The website instructs users to "play with fire, search the web and win with Kevin." Look, I don't care what crappy K-Fed gear they're giving away (such as the CD that no one wanted in the first place), but I'm keeping my distance from his backdraft. So how 'bout you go in first? Click here if you dare, but don't get your PopoZao burned like Brit! ...(And how is K-Fed looking like a card shark supposed to make this more appealing?)

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