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Karma's A Bit*h

Karma's A Bit*h

Dear Sugar
After 4 years together, my boyfriend broke up with me. It seemed very random and unexpected, but instead of taking the "psycho" route, I actually let it go pretty easily. I've just found out, the reason for our break up was because of another woman. He cheated on me with a childhood friend of his. So now that I know the truth, I am angry and I want him to know that I know. But is it worth it, or should I just let karma take its course? Vengeful Victoria

Dear Vengeful Victoria
It sucks and it hurts, but try and rise above your anger and let this one go. What good could possibly come from confronting him now? You broke up a month and a half ago. You are better off taking care of yourself and trying to channel your anger into something positive. Moving on is the best thing for you. If he's dating someone else - it's time that you get out there too!

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