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The Killers' PSA For Sex Trafficking

PSAs as Music Videos: Good For Message, or the Band?

Stereogum says this antisex-trafficking PSA will do more for the band behind it, The Killers, than promote awareness of the crime. A collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), and the US Agency for International Development, the video began airing yesterday on MTV stations around the world. Guess MTV does play videos!

Set to the track "Goodnight, Travel Well," off The Killers' Day and Age album, the video is the second in a series of PSA music videos. The first, set to Radiohead's "All I Need," was for human trafficking and child labor. It maintained a clear message throughout by juxtaposing two boys' days — one going to school and coming home and the other working in a factory. The less-obvious "Goodnight, Travel Well," shows a young woman go from excited to reticent on a date several times until we see she's just returned from her forced-labor job as a sex worker. Check it out and tells us what you think. Effective or not?

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