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Kinda Disappointed, Kinda Proud of Myself?

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Sex Lies & Dating in the City.

So early last week it looked like this week was going to be busy with dates. My online dating inbox was full of messages from new guys and a handful of them seemed like they had potential. I was looking forward to it, actually.

And then, I started to really look at them and I started to think about the fact that I've been too willing to go out with men, in the past, who had things on their profiles that seemed like potential dealbreakers. Because I wanted to keep an open mind. Because "you never know." Because I wasn't as sure of myself as I wanted to pretend I was.

The harder I looked and the more I thought about it the less potential those guys seemed to have. Each had a fatal flaw that made them . . . just not right for me. Not bad a guy. Maybe a wonderful man. Just not the man I should be dating. So I stopped communicating with most of them. And as a result, it doesn't look like I'll have any dates this week. Maybe, it's possible there might be one at the end of the week. And I already have one set up for next week. I've just decided it's time I stop being so flexible from the get go. As an experiment, if nothing else. Which means fewer dates. But, I hope, better dates.

This is not easy for me because it goes against my instincts. I've never wanted to be the hyper-picky, overly paranoid girl who's afraid of giving guys a chance. I'm trying hard to not be that now. Just, y'know, think more about who I'm likely to mesh with. Save myself a bit of time and bother in the long run.

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