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85 Types of Kisses Everyone Should Experience at Least Once

Feb 6 2017 - 5:00pm

This Valentine's Day, maybe you'll get lucky enough to have the kiss of a lifetime. To give you an idea of what you should be doing this season, we bring you some of our favorite kissing GIFs — from sweet and innocent to hot and heavy — for every relationship status. Think of it as your kiss bucket list. Here are 85 examples of the best kinds of kisses (including the perfect kiss [1]). Let's get smooching!

The We're Not Just Friends Anymore Kiss

The Kitchen Makeout

The Run and Jump

Source: MTV [2]

The Office Hookup

The Elevator Makeout

Source: Film District [3]

The More-Than-Friendly Kiss on the Cheek

Source: BBC America [4]

The Come a Little Closer Kiss


Source: PBS [5]

The Passionate Grab

Source: ABC1 [6]

The Shower Makeout

The Oh It's On Kiss

The Lip Bite

The Against the Wall Makeout

The Kiss and Make Up

The Upside-Down Makeout

The Blissful Peck

The I'm So Glad We're Alive

The Middle of the Street Makeout

The Really, Really Hot Kiss

The Aggressive Makeout

The Snowy Smooch

The Car Makeout

The Underwater Kiss

The Can't Keep Our Hands Off Each Other Makeout

The Stomach Kiss

The Just Kiss Me Already Fool

The Provocative Peck

Source: PBS [7]

The OMG We're Getting Married Proposal Makeout

The Take Initiative Kiss

The Through the Window of a Truck Kiss

The Tearful Kiss

The on a Horse Kiss

The Morning Makeout

The Stranger on a Train Kiss

The Don't Leave Kiss

The Wild Animalistic Kiss

The Backseat of a Cab Kiss

The Very Public Kiss

The Surprise Peck

The Playful Cuddle

The Shirt Grab and Kiss

The Under the Covers Kiss

The Walk and Smooch

The From-Behind Peck on the Cheek

The Late Bloomer First Kiss

The Soft and Magical Kiss

The Back of a Limo Kiss

The Magical Moment

The Young Love Kiss

The Goodbye Kiss

The Come at Me Kiss

The Eskimo Kiss

The Moving Train Kiss

The Thanks Babe Peck

The Very First Kiss

The Superhuman/Vampire Makeout

The Neck Kiss

Source: Miramax [8]

The Summer Fling Kiss

The Don't Die Kiss

The Dramatic New Year's Eve Kiss

The Costume Party Smooch

The Acrobatic Kiss

The Playful Push and Grab

The Passionate Rain Embrace

The You're Mine, I'm Yours Kiss

The Couch Makeout

The Face-Hold Kiss

The Tease

The Comfortable Lovers Kiss

The You Like Me, I Like You Kiss

The Just-Married Peck

The Shock and Awe

The Middle School Stall Kiss

The Unbuttoning Kiss

Source: USA Network [9]

The Steamy Makeout

The Ocean Frolic

The Wake-Up Kiss

The I'm Not So Sure About This Peck

The Finally! Kiss

The Cop a Feel

The Pouring Rain Makeout

The Al Fresco Fling

The Bad Boy Kiss

The Congratulatory Canoodle

The Soft and Sweet Kiss

Source: Miramax [10]

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