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Another kitty is coming over to inspect what the ruckus is all about. Duh! It's exposed kitten belly.

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Kitten Bullet

This kitten seems to be trying to eliminate all vestiges of kitten-hood except for the belly. (Tucked in paws, tail.) We seem to have caught her mid-launch.

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Behold—the Softest Thing Ever?

Good grief. This kitten's outstretched arms are maximizing belly visibility. Notice the slightly raised hillock belly action. Wheee!

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No-Neck Kitten

This kitten is almost all belly. (Unless you count his silly, white mittens.) By hiding his neck, all attention goes to the belly. Take notes, other kittens! This is how it's done.

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Shy Kitty

This kitten is clearly new to the belly-exposing, hence the slightly embarrassed paw-to-mouth move. Don't worry—you're not exposing muffin top!

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Tiny, Tiny Belly

Is it just me, or is this kitten the size of a thumb? Which would make her belly the size of a thumbnail.

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The End!

That's all we got, folks! Time for a nap.

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