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Ladies Who Brunch Together, Read Alone

Sunday morning. It's sunny and warm, gorgeous — the perfect time to poach an egg and fail. With laptops in tow, my roommate and I sat down to eat pain perdu and read the news.

Halfway through, I saw us for what we were: two singletons staring at computer screens, occasionally coming up for air and conversation. "Is this the new Sunday morning table," I asked, picturing Mad Men's Don Draper with his newspaper fanning wide while wife Betty poached his eggs to perfection. "Probably," my roommate replied, "but I'm sure people in relationships realized it long ago."

Good point! Both chronically single, we have no idea what people in relationships do (j/k! we've had one, or two, who's counting?). I don't see how it's any different than reading the newspaper at a table, so how does it work for you? Sparkling water with a MacBook Pro? Or, printed paper and conversation, unaided by the Internet?

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