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Laura Ingraham Defends Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention

Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Coalition for Life

Yesterday I was in the presence of the "Life of the Party" — not Diddy or Lohan, it was the name of the convention event for the Republican National Coalition for Life. Expecting keynote speaker Sarah Palin, who'd been booked long prior to her ticket selection (Right to Life has its finger on the pulse?) the group sampled the ham carving station, bopped to the oompah-oompah band, and made short work of the notion that Sarah Palin's recent announcement that her daughter is pregnant has anything to do with her fitness to be Vice President. This group is fiercely Right to Palin, all the way.

According to my tablemates, the choice of Palin has galvanized the party in a way no other choice would have. That notion was solidified by the line up of speakers which included legendary ERA opponent Phyllis Schlafly (who at 80-something looks incredible. She sat on the edge of the stage before the event, graciously taking pictures with everyone and couldn't have been nicer.)






Phyllis announced that Palin wasn't able to attend, but that she had a surprise replacement: Laura Ingraham. Ingraham commanded the stage and made a pointed case for Palin to the cheers of the crowd. To see what she said,


In regard to the notion that Palin isn't popular, Ingraham said, "The people who know her best, give her an 80 to 90 percent approval rating on a regular basis."

And she furiously went after the recent media coverage of Palin saying,

You think a certain way, because the people who have all these stamps on their passports who are so much smarter than we are, if you believe those things. . . what we see now is all these journalists, and all these people on the left — boosters of the Obama campaign — which is pretty much everyone at MSNBC. . . they're all for equal rights for women aren't they? Women who weren't aborted. They're for women's empowerment, and for women succeeding in men's professions. Oh, really? Then why, oh why, are you treating this woman, Sarah Palin, like dirt?

She concluded to the roaring crowd, "If Sarah Palin were pro-choice, there would be no articles on the front page of the New York Times. . . There's no bigger threat to the elites in this country than a woman who's strong and who knows her conservative convictions."

Not everyone in the room was in favor of the message — see what happened when a Code Pink protester took the stage with the legendary Phyllis Schlafly. Watch two seconds into the video as tiny dynamo Phyllis slams down the mic so the woman can't be heard. Everyone around me yesterday dug that move. The crowd then burst into spontaneous song, "God Bless America," while the protester was swiftly dispatched.

After the second group of protesters hit later on in the program Phyllis said, "Well! They don't have an argument so they just have to make a scene."

What do you make of Laura and Phyllis' arguments?

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