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Let's Get This Party Started

Let's Get This Party Started

Dear Sugar
I am in charge of throwing a bridal shower for a great friend of mine. I am growing bored of finger sandwiches and "lovely" conversations. These events have the potential to be really fun, but usually they are stuffy and contrived. I want this shower to be fabulous since I am the hostess. Do you have any ideas of games that we could play that are family appropriate? Always A Bridesmaid

Dear Always A Bridesmaid
There's Bingo. Make enough Bingo cards for each guest and fill the boxes in with the gifts you expect the bride to open such as: lingerie, serving pieces, gravy boat, etc... Whoever gets Bingo first, wins a prize. There's the video idea. Ask the groom a series of questions and tape his answers. During the shower, ask the bride the same questions, and then compare her answer to the groom's (that you play for the crowd). If you get creative with the questions, it's a lot of fun. You could also create a crossword puzzle for each table to work on together (this helps with the mingling). Make all of the clues about the bride. Just remember to mix up the clues with some things say only the family would know, or only work friends or good friends would know. This way everyone has a fair shot at the prize. Lastly playing Mad Libs at showers is hysterical. Write a story about how the bride and groom met. Make it funny so when the tables each read their versions, they are both ridiculous and hilarious. Hopefully you all don't think I am too corny and you get the point that bridal showers can be fun!

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