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Lindsay Lohan Is Not a Compulsive Hoarder

Lindsay Isn't a Compulsive Hoarder; She Has a Messy Closet

There's a lot of potential prestige in being known as a — nay — the celebrity hoarder, but Lindsay Lohan is most likely not a compulsive hoarder. While we've only seen her closet — and, honestly, I imagine most of America's closets look about the same but 99 percent smaller — she lacks the embarrassment, secretiveness, and life impairment of a genuine hoarder.

The bible of psychiatry, the DSM-IV, does not actually recognize compulsive hoarding as a full-on disorder but one of eight symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Australian Family Physician provided one of the most thorough descriptions in the 2008 article, "Pathological Hoarding." Get its three symptoms of compulsive hoarding after the jump.

  • Acquiring and failing to discard objects that have little or no value.
  • Hoarding that prevents normal use of living spaces.
  • The hoarder experiences significant distress or impairment in function, like avoiding visitors, unemployment, and living a solitary existence.

Hoarding may look like collecting gone wild, but compulsive hoarders are tied together by one thing: they are mortified by their condition. Unlike the people who go on A&E's Hoarders at their family's request, Lindsay Lohan opened her closet — which unlike hoarder's junk actually has resale value — to Inside Edition. And for someone who identifies every shoebox with a picture of the shoe, I'd say she's more together than me!

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