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Long-Distance Boyfriend Wedding Planning

"I Want to Include My Long-Distance BF in Wedding Planning"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

Hey, all. I'm thrilled to be engaged to my guy, and we are getting married in a few months. We presently live an ocean apart. I've got loads of support with planning (thank goodness, as I'm not particularly equipped when it comes to weddings), but my dilemma comes from making sure my guy feels included, without feeling bombarded.

Because we have the challenge of distance, we talk — a LOT. I don't want to turn our conversations into glaze-eyed wedding rambles, but I am hoping people out there will have suggestions on how I can include him. One thing I've done is postpone meal selections until he arrives two weeks prior, so he and I can try things out together. But I can't leave everything until the last minute. Since he's a guy, my usual question is, "Do you care about . . . X?" (invitations, cake, etc.) and if he says no, then I just go with it. But ultimately, I do want him to feel included, so he's not just turning up; already the guest list is 98 percent my side! Anyone have any creative suggestions as to how I might make sure he feels involved — as much as a guy wants to be?!

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