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Look Who's Top Talker!

Look Who's Top Talker!

As I sat counting up all of your sensational comments for the month of July, I found my mind wandering to campaign finance reform (hey, it's an occupational hazard . . .) and thinking, I know there's a maximum personal contribution to candidates, and then I thought "there's one profession that gets well paid enough to max out in every election — modeling." Then of course my mind wandered (counting is, after all, dull) to my favorite models. I think I picked this one: Gemma Ward. She's pretty and could definitely teach me a thing or two about financing a campaign. I bet.

Have a guess who last month's Top Talker is? To find out if you're right,


Well, well! Our favorite resident campaign finance expert lilkimbo ran away with this month's Top Talker prize, racking up 844 excellent comments! The top 500 rounded out nicely with a bipartisan coalition of excellent contributions all month long: stephley came in second with 777 comments, always strong competitor, UnDave35 with 773, JudeC with 578 and torgelson with 449.

Thank you to all of you for a wonderful month of debate, and I look forward to more!


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