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Losing Your Orgasm Virginity

Thanks to the new book Thanks For Coming: One Young Woman's Quest For An Orgasm, the topic of the elusive female orgasm is back in the news. Maura Altman, the author of the book, lost her virginity at 17, but didn't lose her orgasm virginity until 26, when she finally decided to buy a vibrator.

The 377-page overshare inspired a lady writer over at the Daily Beast to one-up Maura by sharing that she didn't have her first orgasm until the age of 30 — so, ha!

Both these women experienced a gap between when they lost their virginity and when they reached climax because they had an aversion to masturbation. Once they got over it, newly purchased vibrators almost instantaneously took their orgasm virginities.

When did you lose your orgasm virginity? Anyone out there still waiting?


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