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Lost Your Job? Maybe a Felon Found It! Prison Gigs Aplenty...

While California inmates were busy fighting fires this month, prisoners in South Carolina were stitching up some brassieres for Victoria's Secret. That's right. Check that tag, your bra might be the new license plate, an arguably more useful product, I'd say.

Mother Jones has a whole list of common goods that are now sourced to prisons. Drinking some coffee? Yup, that too. What else?

  • Eating: CA inmates produce 680,000 pounds of beef, and Starbucks has hired WA prisoners to pack up holiday coffee blends.
  • Playing: Nintendo Gameboys and Microsoft mouses are packed in the pokey.
  • Learning: TX and CA inmates make everything from lockers to juice boxes.
  • Wearing: The above mentioned Vicky's bras, as well as leisure wear for JC Penney

And the best prison product? To see it,


  • Interruptions: Inmate call centers. That call you get during dinner? May just be coming from inside the big house.

Though the info is grabby, my eye wandered to this link included with it: A Glossary of Prison Slang. Oh, yes. Break out the flashcards.

Would you be more likely to buy goods from companies who use prison labor? Starbucks calls the practice, "entirely consistent with our mission statement." Is it consistent with yours?


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