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Is Love Addiction Real?

An article in The Daily Mail earlier this week showcased Claire Catford, an author who struggles with love addiction. She traces the beginnings of her addiction back to her teenage years and describes the escalating desperation and depression that her addiction caused her — the worst of which landed her in a rehab clinic. The article quotes Catford's experience:

"I was with heroin and cocaine addicts in rehab," says Clare, "and I realized that our addictions were fundamentally the same. Our lives were controlled by a chemical and physical need for our drug of choice, and by devastating withdrawal symptoms when that was taken away from us."

Though Catford's descriptions of her physical withdrawal symptoms are akin to those of drug addicts, there's something shocking about hearing someone compare their struggles with relationships to that of a heroin addict. I know that relationship dependency can take on the qualities of an emotional addiction, but whether that's worthy of rehab I'm just not sure. What has your own experience taught you? Is love addiction in these terms real? And if so, is rehab a good move or over the top?


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