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Love It or Leave It? Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings

Some girls never let go of their wish to be princesses, and thanks to designer Kristie Kelly, they don't have to. The Kirstie Kelly for Disney by Mouwad collection, shown at Bridal Week in New York, features six engagement rings and wedding bands that pay homage to Disney's leading princesses.

The engagement rings, named after Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle are supposed to be "subtle references to the personalities of each princess." For example, the baguettes and clean lines of the Ariel ring are supposed to reference the bold style of art deco and Ariel's "bold individuality."

Although I was never a fan of princesses, have no plans of getting married anytime soon, and would feel sheepish taking a leap into adulthood wearing a Disney-inspired engagement ring, I do fancy the look of the Sleeping Beauty ring. What do you feel about this collection?

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