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The Most Shocking Stats on Sex, Dating, and Relationships

Jan 28 2015 - 5:00pm

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or just starting out, there's always tons to talk about in the love department. Just look at all the latest studies on sex and relationships. From the surprising to the silly, read the results that left us picking up our jaws off the floor.

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10 p.m. Is the Best Time to Have Sex

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that 10 p.m. is the ideal time to have sex — at least that's according to 65 percent of men and 69 percent of women who took the Singles in America [2] study from Match.com.

San Francisco Is the Best City For Singles

Single and ready to mingle? Then San Francisco is the city to be in, according to an analysis by Zillow [3]. With more than half the population (52.6 percent) unattached, there's a large pool of daters with a high median income. Plus, the high number of bars and restaurants make up a hoppin' social scene. Other top cities include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, and Hartford, CT.

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American Women Take Vibrators Everywhere

American women love their vibrators — so much so that we're not afraid to take them out in the open. According to a study from We-Vibe [5], 53 percent of females are open to bringing a vibrator while traveling on an airplane or train. The most popular place is a shower or tub (77 percent), but more than 15 percent are willing to take one to another public place.

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Some People Aren't Sure If They're on a Date or Not

Uh, this is awkward. Turns out 69 percent of singles are confused about whether they're on an actual date or not when they go out with someone they like. This according to the State of Dating in America report [7] by ChristianMingle and JDate. Speak up, people!

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Redheads Orgasm More

Guess those redheads know how to have more fun. Apparently, single women with red hair have the most orgasms (41 percent), followed by blond women (36 percent), says a study from Match.com [9]. Time to break out the red dye?

Geeky Guys Are the Hottest

Nerd glasses are so in. In a survey from the tech company Crucial [10], more women (84 percent) said they prefer to be with men who know computers instead of men who spend a lot of time at the gym (15 percent). And according to another study from Match.com [11], singles who work in computers and electronic fields have more orgasms than those in other occupations.

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It's OK to Get Tipsy If You're Dating a Man

If you have more than a few drinks on a first date and get a little tipsy, you're in the clear if you're dating a man, according to ChristianMingle [13] and JDate [14]. Seventy-two percent of guys would look past a drunken state to give you another chance, but only 41 percent of women would do the same.

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Emojis Are Cool (Not Lame) When You're Dating

When it comes to dating in today's world, you might not be surprised to learn that 51 percent of Americans research potential partners' social media networks before going out on a date. But what you might not expect is that — according to a national survey from Cricket Wireless [16] on communication and relationships — 56 percent of Americans show affection by sending emoticons or emojis to significant others. This is what dating in the digital age looks like, folks.

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Men and Women Have Different Pubic Hair Grooming Styles

File this under stuff you were too embarrassed to ask but always wanted to know. Since no one wants to talk about pubic hair these days, The Bold Italic [18] decided to change things up and get the grooming scoop with an anonymous survey of San Franciscans. Women prefer their hair down there to be manicured, while men opt to trim. TMI or not enough?

Infographic by Helen Tseng [19] via The Bold Italic [20]

People Love the Internet More Than Sex

It's all about priorities, people. In a sex survey by SKYN condoms [21], 43 percent of people said they'd rather give up sex for a year than the Internet.

Source: Instagram user annelola_ [22]

People Will Have Sex Wherever

No place is off limits. According to Match.com [23], 63 percent of singles have had sex in their car and 56 percent have done so in their parents' house (naughty!). Only four percent have joined the mile high club (go figure), but more than 30 percent fantasize about it, just like they dream of having sex on boats (50 percent) and trains (34 percent).

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Men Are Dying For More Closet Space

Surprise! It's not just women who want adequate closet space. In a survey by Apartment List [25] about what it takes to successfully live with a partner, 47 percent of men said closet space would make them happier than multiple bathrooms, a king-size bed, more than one TV, and even the stereotypical man cave.

Source: Instagram user royalfashionist [26]

You Have to Say "I Love You" to Meet the Parents

Changing your Facebook status to "In a Relationship" just doesn't cut it when it comes to meeting the parents. In a survey of single women by Landing Mr. Right [27], 63 percent of women said the introduction is most appropriate after a guy says, "I love you."

Source: Instagram user eleniprtf [28]

The Longer You Date, the Worse Your Cohabitation Fate

Well, that's a bummer. A survey by Apartment List [29] about living together found that couples who dated for more than four years before moving in together were 54 percent more likely to be unhappy with their living situation. The less time they spent dating before moving in, the happier they would be.

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Tattoos and Clothes Matter Most For First Impressions

If the first-date pressure weren't enough, men are more likely to judge dates by their tattoos (62 percent) than their shoes (25 percent), according to a study from Match.com [31]. On the flip side, women are more likely to judge based on clothes (68 percent) than cars (40 percent).

Source: Instagram user breenicole21 [32]

Clean Apartments Are a Turn-On

It's true! In a survey from Rent.com [33], 82 percent of renters said
they pay the closest attention to how clean or dirty their date's apartment is — 45 percent said a clean bathroom was their biggest turn-on, and 37 percent said a rude roommate was a dealbreaker.

Photo by Ashlee Raubach [34] via Style Me Pretty [35]

Whatever You Do, Don't Say "Thrust"

Oh no he didn't. According to a survey from Words With Friends by
Zynga [36], the word "thrust" tops the list as most awkward sexy word to say to someone. "Aroused," "throb," and "loins" tie for second
. (Really, people?)

30-Year-Olds Have More Sex

Va-va-voom! More than any other age group, singles in their 30s had the most sex last year and are more likely to have had a friend with benefits relationship (59 percent), according to a Match.com [37] study. Another survey from SKYN condoms [38] found similar results — 62 percent of 35- to 44-year-olds report having sex once a week or more, with just over half of 18- to 24-year-olds saying they get busy that often.

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