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L.A.'s Newest Playboy

L.A.'s Newest Playboy

Dear Sugar
I am a young, virile 25 year old guy living and swinging single in L.A. I love women and on the average, I have about 2 different dates a week. I really like dancing so I enjoy taking my dates out to lounges and clubs. We'll usually meet for sushi or something lite and then really get after it. Since I go out so much, I know all the bouncers and I feel cool getting my girls in VIP style. But every night ends the same. We dance a little -- go to the bar. Dance a little more, go to the bar. After a few hours we're wasted; and the dance floor gets mad hot. We're out there grinding and making out and usually we go home together. I'm having the time of my life, but the next day, these women make me feel like I've taken advantage of them. What's up with that? They were having a great time while we were out together. I'll admit to being a player, but I don't think I'm being disrespectful. What do you think? Studly Stavros

Dear Studly Stavros,
Ick. Get over yourself. I am sure you think you are the Cassanova you claim to be, but if all these girls are giving you similar feedback, then you are probably doing something wrong. Think good and hard about these dates. Also, are you just hooking up with these girls or are you sleeping with them? If so, you are participating in some really risky behavior. 2 dates a week, huh. Call the press -- EXTRA, EXTRA, EVERYONE INVEST IN LATEX! Trojan stock must be sky high with you as a consumer. Studly, if these girls are drunk, their judgment is impaired. If you are not getting clear verbal consent you could get yourself into some trouble one day. Here's an idea...Take it a little slower. On your next date, try dinner and a movie and see what happens. I'll bet she doesn't feel taken advantage of. No hiding behind alcohol, just straight up Stavros. If all goes well, you'll be bumping and grinding in no time but you'll be sober.

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