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First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage, Maybe

A majority of both men and women think true love does not have to lead to marriage. 55 percent of men said no, love does not necessarily mean marriage, while 66 percent of women agreed. Flip that around, and you see men are more likely than women to think true love will lead to tying the knot, making men the more traditional sex in this case.

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Men and Women Want to Get Married

There's no pressure here. 78 percent of men and 87 percent of women said marriage is something they want to do not something that they have to do. So while both men and women think true love doesn't have to lead to marriage necessarily, they want that piece of paper to mark their commitment in their own lives. When it comes to those who never want to get married, men outnumber women: 10 percent of men told us they never want to get married, compared to 6 percent of women.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Most people who answered our survey say living together before marriage is good for the relationship, and in fact more women support cohabitation than men. 85 percent of women said it's good for the relationship, compared to 78 percent of men who agreed. Once again, men suggest that they may be the slightly more traditional sex.

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No Shotgun Weddings

A man may pop the question if his partner gets pregnant before marriage, but there's a good chance she might say no. Men were more likely than women (43 percent compared to 36 percent) to say they would get married before the baby came if their partner became pregnant outside of wedlock. But overall both men and women wouldn't be in a rush.

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The Not Too-Long Engagement

Men and women agree that two years is the ideal amount of time to date before making things official: 40 percent of men picked it as the perfect time to pop the question, as did 36 percent of women. Women (24 percent) were more likely than men (18 percent) to say yes after one year. Only 15 percent of men and 16 percent of women would want to wait four or more years.

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Celebrities Impact Perceptions

Do longtime celebrity couples who start families without getting married influence modern couples? Yes, says 66 percent of men and 68 percent of women. But based on the high percentage of men and women who told us they want to get married, it seems marriage is still popular, despite high-profile examples of couples who don't want to make it official.

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