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Is McCain Really Bush the III? Find Out Where They Differ

While some are figuring out which ditty is going to be the big summer song, Republicans are gearing up to hear months of a Democratic refrain on endless repeat. The tune? John McCain is George W. Bush in older sheep's clothing.

To find out whether they're twinsies more like Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap or Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in Twins, consider where they differ:

  • Arms Control: McCain wants a new arms control accord with Russia, nuclear talks with China, and a complete disarmament of North Korea's nuclear program.
  • Interrogation Tactics: He considers waterboarding illegal and impermissible.
  • Federal Spending: McCain's a stronger opponent of wasteful spending.
  • Energy and Oil: He's called for a "great national campaign to put us on a course to energy independence," saying th next president must be willing to "break completely" with the previous energy policies.
  • Climate Change: He supports cap and trade and wants a global accord that includes China and India.

The two agree on issues like education, immigration, Iraq, and health care. Check out the whole list to see how.

Not content just to compare McCain to Bush? To see how McCain and Obama's voting records stack up,


Obama's camp has made much of McCain's voting allegiance with Bush. According to records, in 2007 McCain did vote in conjunction with the president's position 95 percent of the time – up from 77 percent in 2005 and 67 percent in 2001. He voted with his party 90 percent of the time.

By contrast, Obama's votes were in line with the president's position a not-too-slim 40 percent of the time in 2007. In 2006 he voted alongside the George W Bush in almost 50 percent of votes cast.

Obama also appears more partisan than McCain according to these numbers: Obama voted in line with fellow Senate Democrats 97 percent of the time in 2007 and 2005, and 96 percent of the time in 2006.

Do you think McCain is an extension of Bush? Or should the endless refrain be that he marches to his own drummer?


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