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It's Not Me, It's You: Should Obama Stop Wooing Republicans?

It's Not Me, It's You: Should Obama Stop Wooing Republicans?

Obama may have won 52.9 percent of America over and pretty much all of Europe, but there's one group who continues to resist his charm, his cocktail parties, and his stimulus plan (I spared you package). With zero votes for the stimulus, Republicans have yet to give an inch when he's given them tens of billions in tax cuts.

Last night, Rachel Maddow asked if Obama is in an unrequited relationship with Republicans. How far can he go before bipartisanship becomes a fool's errand?

President Obama's latest outreach came today when he nominated a Republican, Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, to the commerce secretary post. Before accepting, Gregg said he would refuse the job if his seat were filled by a Democrat. Another Democratic senator would push the Senate one seat closer to the 60-seat filibuster, giving Democrats complete control. But as predicted, his chief of staff, Republican Bonnie Newman, will replace him.

So what's in it for the president? To find out,


While it may do wonders for his bipartisan image, it does little to change Washington. Are Republicans testing him? Or are they just laughing, tax cuts in hand? It could be that Obama needs to set some boundaries and remind Congress that in politics no favor goes unreturned — start a little quid-pro-quo fire underneath their seats.

For now one question buzzes through the tunnels of Washington: Is bipartisanship worth it if President Obama gets nothing in return?


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