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Meet May's Top Talker!

Meet May's Top Talker!

While I was slavishly tallying up all the phenomenal comments for the month of May, I popped in my VHS of one of my all-time, favorite disaster movies. It passed the time while I was counting . . .

Oh, that Jack and Rose! Those crazy kids are so in love. Oh! Right. The Top Talker. Get your guesses ready — to see who it is,


Well, well, well! Harmonyfrance, pro-am Kate Winslet fan and die-hard Hillary supporter racked up the most comments for the month of May. She's joined in the top five by defending champ, cabaker27, past winner cine_lover, syako, and UnDave35 making his debut (I believe.) Congratulations to Miss Harmony. She'll be picking her very own CitizenSugar prize, and I'm sure she would love your input.

Thanks to all for a great month!

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