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Men Say I Love You First

Men Fall in Love First

For better or for worse, men can "fall in love" with a woman before even having a conversation, according to a new British survey. Meanwhile, women take longer — and require some actual information about a person — before deciding they're definitely interested.

One in five men questioned said they fell in love at first sight, while half said they knew after the first date was over. Perhaps that's why a lot of men never call after the first date; they've already made up their minds. Overall, nearly three-quarters of guys knew whether they liked a woman within three dates. Women surveyed move at a slower pace: one in 10 have experienced first-sight love, and most needed at least six dates to figure out if the connection would last.

The survey, put together for the launch of the book The Way We Were, suggests that men might define love in looser terms. On average men have been in love more (three times for men vs. one time for women), are more likely to claim unrequited love, and are more likely to say "I love you" first.

In your last or current relationship, who "knew" first: you or your boyfriend?

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Cattorres Cattorres 5 years
Awesome article ;)
Cattorres Cattorres 5 years
Awesome article ;)
DntJdgeMe DntJdgeMe 5 years
I knew my boyfriend was the one after our first phone conversation. He tried to hide his feelings for so long. He was clearly having strong feelings for me from the beginning, because he has never let a day go by without calling me. And we have spent every weekend together for the last two years.
danakscully64 danakscully64 5 years
After my first date with my boyfriend, he told me he knew I was The One. It took me until the 2nd date to realize how amazing he was. My boyfriend wouldn't let me say the L word before him, he wanted to make it special and told me at the center of Disneyland (it's under the Castle). I'm not sure who felt it first though.
stephley stephley 5 years
Yeah, this has been my experience, especially that at least in the beginning, they define ‘love’ in looser terms.
Caittylynn Caittylynn 5 years
my bf of almost 5 years said he knew on the 1st night we...ummm.....met and...hooked up...opps! :)
mlozano43 mlozano43 5 years
My ex (and last) bf told me he loved me after a month together...while I was (secretly) trying to figure out if I even liked him enough for a long term thing. To make a long story short, we broke up because of his intense issues and I regret giving so much time into trying to figure out how I felt and completely ignoring my gut and giving him a chance to grow on me. MY BAD.
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