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Michele Bachmann Asked If She's Submissive Wife at Debate

Michele Bachmann Asked About Her Marriage at Last Night's Republican Debate

At the GOP presidential debate in Iowa last night, Michele Bachmann was asked if she's a submissive wife. No one can deny that Michele has made marriage a political issue; for example, she signed the controversial marriage pact last month, opposing gay marriage and abortion, among other things. But although she includes marriage politics in her platform, as other candidates do, she was the only one asked last night about her own marriage when moderator Byron York asked her if she would be submissive to her husband as president. Michele looked surprised by the question, which was met by boos from the crowd, and answered it by saying, "I respect my husband and he respects me as his wife." Watch the whole exchange above and tell me, do you think the question was relevant? Or was it out of hand, since as a congresswoman and candidate Michele has proven she's her own woman?


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