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Mission Accomplished? House Republicans Declare Iraq Win

They say the winners always write the history books, but can you write yourself into a winner? Thirty-one Republicans representatives think so, and they've introduced a resolution that declares victory in Iraq thanks to George W. Bush.

The bill's sponsor Steve King says Bush's surge strategy secured victory in Iraq. But it's a fragile victory, since withdrawing troops too quickly could erase the accomplishments. King explains, "This resolution is intended to send an important message to President Obama – that history will judge him harshly should he choose to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

Last September General Patraeus said Iraq doesn't lend itself to a victory slogan. By claiming victory thanks to Bush, these Republicans will either brilliantly pass the responsibility for whatever happens now to Obama, or make a political mistake similar to Bush's "Mission Accomplished" banner. Which do you think it will be?


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