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This Mother's Day Men Giving Gifts, Women Doing Brunch

May 11 2014 - 6:00am

Our Mother's Day [1] polls are now closed, and it was wonderful to see everyone participating and sharing their love for their moms! Take a look at the poll results below to see what all the ladies had to say about their Mother's Day plans and see how it compares to what the guys from AskMen [2] had to say.

Your answers showed that you're quite generous when it comes to buying gifts for your mom. Sixty-three percent of you said you will be spending $25 to $100 on gifts — the same goes for the guys who took the AskMen survey.

As for our ladies' plans on how they want to spend the day with their moms, 32 percent of you said you plan to do a dinner or brunch at a restaurant, and 23 percent said you will be buying gifts. We do see some differences in the men's responses: 30 percent of guys said they would give gifts, while 28 percent of them said they would have a meal with their mothers at a restaurant.


As for shopping preferences, our ladies sure love to shop online! A whopping 87 percent of you said you would buy gifts online, and 39 percent of you said you get your inspiration from sites you love. While 67 percent of male respondents at AskMen also prefer to buy gifts online, a majority (59 percent) of them prefer Google searches (only 17 percent of women picked Google searches!).

Neither the ladies nor the men seems to have much success collaborating with siblings when it comes to buying gifts for Mother's Day. Forty-six percent of women said they don't coordinate with their siblings, and 36 percent said they split the bill. As for the guys, 36 percent of men said they don't collaborate, and 28 percent said they do.

Lastly, here are some of the lovely things everyone had to say about how their moms influenced them:

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