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Edward Cullen

Is Rob Pattinson's hot vamp in the Twilight series more your do, dump, or marry type?

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Eric Northman

What would you do to Alexander Skarsgård's True Blood vampire?

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Barnabas Collins

Eternal heartthrob Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, a man who is turned into a vampire in the late 1700s by a witch whose heart he has broken. Are you feeling vampire Johnny?

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Louis de Pointe du Lac

What do you think of Brad Pitt's vampire in Interview With the Vampire?

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Damon Salvatore

Is Ian Somerhalder's vampire in The Vampire Diaries your type?

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As Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel, is David Boreanaz the undead man of your dreams?

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Bill Compton

Would you do, dump, or marry the True Blood vampire played by Stephen Moyer?

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Stefan Salvatore

What do you think about Paul Wesley's Stefan in The Vampire Diaries: do, dump, or marry?

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Lestat de Lioncourt

Would you do, dump, or marry Tom Cruise's character in Interview With the Vampire?

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Michael Corvin

What would you do to Scott Speedman's Lycan-vampire hybrid in the Underworld series?

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In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Gary Oldman plays the seducing vampire: would you do, dump, or marry him?

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