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Moving Back Home in Your 20s

Group Therapy: Dealing With Parents After Moving Home at 25

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

For financial reasons, I moved back in with my parents at the age of 25. Having moved out at 18, this was a huge adjustment from the independence I was used to, but it had to be done.

When I lived on my own, I had a great life: I had a decent boyfriend, good job, and I lived a healthy lifestyle. I have since broken up with the decent boyfriend, having found out he wasn't so decent after all.  However, living at home, my parents are always sabotaging me! When I leave to go to the gym, they say mean things like "she'll never get as skinny as she wants" or "what's the point in working out anymore . . . you're fat" kind of comments.

There are always temptations like cake, ice cream, cookies, etc. in this house. When I lived alone, I recognized those as temptations and I didn't buy them so the temptation wasn't there. I have asked them to stop buying so much of it (maybe one at a time, not every dessert ever made at once) or at least stop leaving them in plain sight. However this didn't work. I know I choose what to eat, but watching them eat lasagna and ice cream and all that looks so good!

And dating?! Forget that. My parents will call, text, email, etc. until I pick up the phone. It's like they are convinced I am 12 years old again. I can't take much more of this, but unfortunately, I have to until finances are settled. How can I have a healthy relationship with my wonderful parents (who have done so much for me, and for that I am grateful) without hurting feelings here?

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