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Moving to Be Closer to Long-Distance Boyfriend

Group Therapy: Should I Move For the Guy I'm Dating?

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and immediately after started dating a new guy long distance. It's been almost six months now and he wants me to move across the country and live with him. We've barely spent much time in the same city and do most of our talking on Skype. 

Some days I think I love him (neither of us has said the L word yet) and could see us getting married. Other days I think he still seems a bit immature (he's actually 7 years older than me), and I think our cultures are really different (he's from the Midwest, I grew up all over the world). 

I'm in a catch-22 because if I want this relationship to go further, I have to leave to be with him, but that's impulsive; on the other hand, if I want to take things slowly, we will be stuck talking on Skype forever, and neither of us want that. There's a possibility this could become something serious, but right now I'm not sure. We also both got into the relationship pretty soon after breaking up with our mutual exes.

What should I do?

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