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My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe in Marriage

Group Therapy: My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe in Marriage

This question comes from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Feel free to add your advice in the comments!

So I've been dating my bf for almost 4 years now and we are both 26. When I first started dating him, I was looking for a Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right. But as time passed by, I began to see a future with him and wanted to one day get married.

But when I first started dating him, he told me he didn't believe in marriage because he thinks what is the point when it's going to end anyway. His parents are divorced (and it was a messy divorce) since he was a little kid and his relatives and friends have all been in unhappy relationships and divorces, too, so I can see why he feels that way.

Now when he told me that, it didn't bother me because I was thinking that I am not dating him because I am looking for a future mate, I am dating him for companionship and if it didn't last it's okay, I'll come out with experience. But now, I see a future with him and perhaps marriage one day. But he clearly does not believe in marriage at all. We love each other very much and we don't have any major problems with each other. Do you think he doesn't believe in marriage at all or is he just saying that because he doesn't see a future with me like I do with him? And what am I supposed to do leave him then since I want marriage and he doesn't? And when we're dating around to find Mr. Right Now, should we only date the men who believe in marriage even if we are just looking for something temporary?

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