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My Bridesmaids Stressed Me Out!

Dear Sugar--

I feel as though two of my bridesmaids gave me a lot of stress through everything leading up to my wedding. They didn't help with anything like the shower or bachelorette party. Everything that was expected from them (buying the dress, shoes, and getting their hair done) was a huge hassle for them, and they were constantly stressing me out over it and complaining about the price. This bothered me because they both work full time and don't pay rent. So, they probably have more money than me and I would never complain about this to them if they were getting married. I told them numerous times if them being in the wedding is too difficult or expensive then I would not be upset if they backed out of the commitment. This offended them both.

There's more. I originally told them they could bring guests. They both didn't know who to bring (one broke up with her boyfriend right before the wedding), so they waited until past the deadline was up to tell me their meal choices, stressing me out more. I told them repeatedly just not to bring anyone, but they were insistent about it. They joked around to my fiancé's parents about not being able to find dates. This made me feel stupid because his parents paid for the entire thing. The wedding was spectacular and afterwards I realized that it was wrong of them to act like they were doing me a favor and they should have felt honored to be there. Then the kicker is that neither of them (or their guests) gave us a wedding gift, not even a card. This upset me greatly.

These girls were really close friends of mine. Should I discuss these issues with them? I am not sure if it would do much good. I know it is rude to bring up the fact that they didn't bring gifts. Or should I lose them as friends, cut them out?

--Let Down Lucy

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Dear Let Down Lucy--

First off, congrats on getting married! That's so exciting - so try not to let those two bridesmaids of yours put a damper on your happiness. Since they're not married themselves, they probably had no idea about how stressful planning a wedding was, and that a large part of their job was to help you out. Not getting a gift because they thought they spent enough money on the dress, shoes and whatnot is not an excuse. Or who knows - guests have up to one year to give gifts, so they could be working on it.

What's done is done, and being that you were such close friends with these girls, you should definitely talk to them about how you feel. You don't need to go over every little detail that upset you (since you can't do anything about it now), but just touch on the major things. Chances are they had no idea how much their actions and comments upset you, and talking about it could in turn bring you closer.

That being said, it still doesn't make up for the fact that they let you down on what was probably one of the most important events of your life. Maybe your friends were acting immaturely because they're in a different place in their lives than you are. If that's the case, you may find that you're naturally growing apart so you might need to work on developing a new kind of friendship with these girls. I hope it all works out for you Lucy.


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