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My Friends All Have Boyfriends And I Don't

My Friends All Have Boyfriends And I Don't

Dear Sugar
My friends all have boyfriends and I don't. I try to look cute for school, but nobody seems to notice me. Even my friends don't have any time for me anymore. On the weekends I stay home because no one invites me to join them - or they are out with their boyfriends. I am upset that I don't have a boyfriend of my own. What can I do to at least make the guys notice me and get my friends to invite me places with them? Lonely Liza

Dear Lonely Liza
I'll bet that if you wanted a boyfriend of your own that you could have one - you've just got to have some confidence in yourself! Who's cute at school that you like? Go over and say hi or smile and see what happens. Sometimes you've got to make things happen and if you act like a wallflower, you are going to be treated like one. As far as your feelings go for your friends not having any time for you anymore - why don't you try and hang out with them in groups after school or on the weekends? If you tell them that you are interested in meeting someone, maybe one of their boyfriends can bring some single guys along and set you up? Also, call your friends and schedule a girls night in advance. There is no reason that they can't make time for you. Reach out to them and give them the chance to make up for lost time.

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