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My Wife Won't Give Me Any

My Wife Won't Give Me Any

Dear Sugar
I want more sex! My wife and I aren't really connecting emotionally right now, but why does that have to affect every aspect of our relationship? We still love each other. Every time I reach for her, she just turns away. I'm getting sick of it. I'm horny and frustrated - this is so messed up! Married Mike

Dear Married Mike
Does your wife want you to cheat on her? Tell her that you love her. Warm her up a little bit to the idea of love making. We all know that sex is more emotional for women, so if she's feeling disconnected to you, she's not going to want to sleep with you. Talk to her and try to work a few things out. Or - you could just try out a role play and completely escape from your real problems. Try it and see how she feels about gettin' a little kinky.

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