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My Work Schedule Is Hurting My Relationship

Dear Sugar,

I have my absolute dream job. I have always wanted to work in the music industry and got my wish by landing the perfect job. My hours are quite brutal and my job can be somewhat unglamourous from time to time, but I really can't complain as the good far outweighs the bad.

I just got engaged to my high school sweetheart who I love more than anything. He is very understanding of my schedule, but lately my traveling has been excessive. When I travel for work, I can be gone anywhere from three to seven weeks at a time which is making it difficult to plan a wedding let alone find quality time to spend with my fiance. He is fed up and is pressuring me to look for a new job.

I love my fiance and can't wait to start our life together, but I love my job as well. All of my hard work is really paying off and I am being compensated quite nicely, so is there a way to find a happy medium to make us both happy? Globetrotting Gloria

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Dear Globetrotting Gloria,

I understand your dilemma and this is a tough position to be in. Congratulations on your engagement! Since you are away so much, I am sure you feel the pull to be close to home so you can enjoy this exciting time in your life. Since there are technically no rules of engagement, it is not unheard of for one partner to travel a lot for business, but if you feel it is putting a damper on your relationship, it's time to make a change.

Does your job require year round travel or is your hectic schedule circumstantial? Once you advance in your company, will you be able to leave the traveling behind? Have you been able to talk to your boss about possibly cutting back on your time away from home? Ultimately you have to decide if this job is more important than building your future with the man you love. Hopefully you can work something out with your employer so you can have it all. Good luck.

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