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NYC Sells Subway Station Names — Savvy or Selling Out?

New York's MTA decided a long time ago that it would try to sell the naming rights to the city's subway stops, but it finally found someone willing to pay up. London-based bank Barclays has offered $4 million to add its name to Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street station. The name will officially change when the upcoming sports center, also called Barclays Center, opens in 2012.

We've long forgotten the days when stadiums and arenas were named after their locations, but subway stations? New Yorkers better be prepared to see a Miracle Whip sign on the 34th Street station or get ready to take an express train to Taco Bell Avenue.

Do you have a problem with corporations invading public space or is this a good way to subsidize the taxpayers' burden of paying for public transportation?

Photo by WalkingGeek

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