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In Need of a Change, but Not Sure What

Group Therapy: In Need of a Change, but Not Sure What

This question comes from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

Overall, I would say that I have a good life, but it feels like something is missing. I moved to my current town 9 years ago to attend college and I remained here after graduation. I really have enjoyed my time here. I have met some really good people. Since it is a college town though, it can be hard to "fit in" unless you are out at the college bars all the time or are here with a family. I'm somewhere in the middle.

A majority of my friends from college that are nearby are now married and/or have started their own families. I have a decent job that I enjoy, but I don't think I can say that it is my life's passion. My family is wonderful and I love spending time with them. They live about 3 hours away from me and I try to see them once a month or so. I have a boyfriend and for the most part it's a good relationship. We have been together for 9 months or so. While I care a lot about him and truly enjoy our time together, I'm not 100% sure that he is the one. He recently told me that he loves me and has talked about wanting to get married. I'm not in a huge rush to get married at all, to anyone.

So as you can see, my life isn't horrible. I just feel like I haven't done what I'm meant to yet, and I'm not sure what that is. I have toyed with the idea of moving to a bigger city, but at the same time I like being within driving distance of my family. I am starting to feel like I am just "comfortable" with where my life is right now. I don't want to just be "comfortable." I want to be great, outstanding, exciting, etc. I get into ruts and it is hard for me to make big changes. I want to live my life to the fullest and I don't know that I'm doing that right now. I'm in my late 20s and don't want to look back and see that I've just settled for life. I'm not really sure where to start making changes though? Ideas?

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