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Nervous That My Boyfriend Is Going Out Without Me

Group Therapy: Is My BF Hiding Something?

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My boyfriend has recently finished his last year of a stressful university degree, and along with his fellow students, been taking several nights out to celebrate. I would have no issue with this, except for the fact that lately one female friend of his who also graduated has been texting him out of the blue. They have never been in contact previously to my knowledge, but now they are texting fairly frequently about issues other than school, including family problems etc. My relationship with my boyfriend of two years has always been great, but over the last year there have been several things that are leading me to doubt his long term commitment to me, and this texting issue is one of them. (There has been a texting issue in the past where a friend of his sent semi-naked pics of herself to him, which he kept on his phone.)

Now when he is invited out by his school mates, he will not invite me to come along with them to the local bar and have a few drinks because "no one else's partners are coming and it would be too weird." I hear this and suspect that he doesn't want me there so he can talk to his lady friend without feeling that my eyes are watching the two of them . . .yes, paranoia! I do feel quite jealous and unsettled, but he knows that I want to be included and party to celebrate with him, and doesn't care. When I try to discuss it with him he shuts down completely and refuses to talk about it, getting angry at me. Do you think he is hiding something, or is he just letting his hair down and celebrating with his friends? And how do I get over this when I am so paranoid? HELP!!

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