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New DC Reality Show

Forget The Hills, New DC Show Covers The Hill

Just when the Murphy Brown reunion on the Today show this week got me all nostalgic for good political TV, it looks like my wish is coming true — reality-style.

The production company behind Miss America: Reality Check (which just aired this winter on TLC) is casting hot young DC residents for a new "soft-scripted" show, a la Laguna Beach — swapping the beach bunnies for a cadre of sexy non-profit Appropriations and Budget Associates. Or something similarly

Though DC might not be as hot as Laguna, rest assured they're going to juice it up full of jet-setting plot lines. And since the casting is coming straight out of the hot and fast networking site Late Night Shots it won't comply with that old rumor that "Washington is Hollywood for the ugly."

I'm in, a thousand times in. I just have three questions: When, when, when?!


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