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New Intelligence Report: US Dominance Set to Wane by 2025

If you wish you could see into the future, US intelligence officials are here to hand you a crystal ball. The National Intelligence Council just released Global Trends 2025, an unclassified intelligence report put out every four years, and assesses the opportunities and problems that lie ahead in the next 15 years. One tip: Americans might need to start practicing being humble, because by 2025 the US could lose its position of global supremacy.

Other findings include:

  • Global warming will have a positive economic impact in Russian and Canada because it will make seasons longer, as well as increase their access to oil fields.
  • Russia's rise could be hindered by a lack of investment in the energy sector, crime, and corruption.
  • Governments in Africa and South Asia could collapse due to security problems or water and food shortages caused by a population boom of 1.5 billion and global warming.
  • There will be a greater potential for war in 2025, thanks to increased global competition for food, water, and energy.
  • The transfer of wealth from West to East will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Thanks to economic growth in the Middle East, and growing unpopularity of al Qaeda, the terrorist network will collapse sooner than people think.

To see some other predictions regarding Iran, nuclear weapons, and US dominance,


  • Iran could be a major world player if it gets rid of its theocracy.
  • The risk of a nuclear weapon detonation will still remain low in 2025, but it will be higher than today's risk.
  • A growing demand to solve domestic problems could cause the US to reduce global aid, thus reducing US influence.

Are you upset or happy that US global domination could decrease over the next 15 years?


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