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New Rules of Marriage?

Whether you're dating, planning a wedding, or already married, I'm sure you've gotten a lot of relationship advice from other married folks. If they've listed off any of the soft rules of marriage, you might want to do some new research. On a recent segment on The Today Show, Rosemary Ellis, the editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, shared some new and improved rules of marriage that you should check out below.

Old Myth New Rule Explanation
Never go to bed angry. Sleep on it, but before you roll over in a huff, give your partner a six-second kiss. If you're blood is boiling and you're frustrated with your honey, duking it out all night won't help. Though kissing before you go to bed won't necessarily solve your problems, it will remind you of your special connection so you can talk about it the next day with a clear and level head.

Want to see the other myths? Then


Old Myth New Rule Explanation
As you get older, sex isn't as important. There's no reason you won't grow more sexually connected. The more comfortable you feel with a person, the more confident you'll be to ask for what you want and try new things.
As a marriage grows, you'll realize that you've grown apart and fallen out of love. Marriages don't run on feelings — in order for them to thrive, both partners need to do their fare share of work. Working through your differences and talking through your disagreements and issues will make your relationship stronger.
Couples who stay together have a lot in common. It's actually the couples who don't have a lot in common who are often happiest. You don't have to love doing everything together all the time as long as you do set aside time to be together. Also, having different interests is a plus because it'll keep you happy and secure as an individual, which can only benefit your relationship.
Every guy has a midlife crisis. It's actually a "reinvention," and women go through it too. Everyone's life goes through change. Maybe your career takes off in a different direction, or your children leave home, or a parent passes away. The first half of your life is different than the second half, but the second half should get better!

I don't necessarily agree with all of these "new" rules, but what about you? Is there some merit to these news ways of thinking about marriage? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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