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New Study Finds Brothels Are All Over London and Spreading

Lots of sexy times in the UK? It appears that way, according to a new study compiled by the Poppy Project. The group, which educates about prostitution and assists victims of sex trafficking, found that brothels have spread to "every corner" of London — some charging as little as $30, or an extra $20 for unprotected sex. With 85 percent of the brothels in residential areas, all 33 of London's boroughs have them.

The project called 921 of the sex houses advertising in the paper and found 77 different ethnicities represented with the average age of the workers being 21. Details like these could point to trafficking. The co-author of the study says, "Multi-media misrepresentations of commercial sex as a glamorous, easy and fun career choice for girls and women further contribute to the ubiquity of London's brothel industry. However, for most women involved in prostitution, the reality is a cycle of violence and coercion, perpetuated by poverty and inequality."

But is it legal? To find out,


Prostitution in the UK isn't illegal, though some activities associated with it, like soliciting from a car or living on the wages of prostitutes, are illegal. Given the connection between prostitution and trafficking, groups like Prostitution Reform are trying to end the practice and make it illegal.


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