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On the Newsstand: 10 Questions for Chairman Dean

Howard Dean — the current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, former presidential candidate, and ex-physician — took ten questions from everyday Americans in the most recent issue of Time. They didn't hold much back! Here are some of the highlights:

Why does the Democratic Party have superdelegates? The initial purpose was to encourage officeholders to come to the convention, which they did not do in 1980 when there was a battle between President [Jimmy] Carter and Senator [Ted] Kennedy over the nomination. We've had them for 25 years for that reason.
Would you support an effort to create a single nationwide primary day? Absolutely not. I think we do need to condense the schedule, but I also think that if you have them on a single day, it's like having a national election. We learn a lot about these candidates as they go through all these states.
Do you favor the elimination of the Electoral College? Yes.

To find out his reasoning why,


It's unrepresentative of where the American people are. It was fine for the days of the Pony Express, but it's not necessary to avoid a popular vote on Presidents now.
People disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Does that mean the gains made in the 2006 election will be lost in 2008? No. The public clearly agrees with Democrats on the major issues of the economy, the war and health care, and I think they feel very frustrated that the Republicans are preventing any of the reforms that the public wanted in 2006 from going into effect.

To find out what Chairman Dean has to say about his hands-off approach as DNC chairman, the candidate's healthcare plans, and the Dean Scream, check out the article. Do you think Dean could be doing more to steer the Democratic Party back into the White House?


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