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On the Newsstand: Allure's Guide to Voting

On the Newsstand: Allure's Guide to Voting

I love finding political gems in the middle of non-news mags. I mean, The Economist is great, but woman cannot live by (okay, Stairmaster by) hard news alone. In Allure's January Insider's Guide, Cokie Roberts gives tips on how to follow the election.

Here are highlights:

  • It's not just about the candidate, it's about how the candidate will fare against the presumed opposition. Huckabee's great in a vacuum, but Huckabee vs. Hillary? Not a fair fight.
  • Some groups are like weather vanes: Catholics and Ohioans, for instance, usually (and oddly) pick the winner.
  • Women matter. The way women vote, and the issues they prioritize, will, like Bush emphasizing safety against terrorism to women in 2004, affect the outcome of the election.

I like Cokie Roberts, (and can't wait for her new book, Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation,) but I wasn't thrilled with her wrap up to the piece. To see what she said, please


"It just makes me crazy when someone says it doesn't matter who wins or there's no difference between the candidates. There is. Elections have consequences."

Yeah, but those are two distinct and disparate statements. It's possible to know that it matters who wins, but in this uber-groomed, spit-polished campaign where spotting the differences can be like nailing Jell-o, saying candidates appear the same is more than a fair sentiment. I mean, we all saw the last Democratic Debate in Iowa...

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