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On the Newsstand: Huge U.S. Embassy in Iraq

A recent Vanity Fair article about the new American Embassy in Iraq caught my attention. $600 million of U.S. tax money is being spent on building a fortified America in Baghdad. I couldn't believe I was unaware of such a massive and expensive project.

The article is truly fascinating so just


  • It is the world's largest, most expensive embassy, the size of Vatican City.
  • It will cost $1.2 billion a year to run.
  • Contractors, not allowed to employ Iraqi workers for security reasons, import workers from Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • It is self-sustaining, with its own power generators, water, telephone, fuel and sewage systems.
  • American life has been imported. It has tennis courts, a landscaped pool, a bomb resistant gym, department stores, a beauty salon, a night club, a movie theater, etc.
  • The cafeteria serves free food including American comfort food and low calorie options.
  • It is located in the Green Zone, surrounded by layers of check points and blast walls.

Reading this definitely conjured up a range of emotions—I couldn't decide whether to be angry, impressed, or embarrassed. What do you think?


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