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Nightmares More Common For Women

Whether you remember your dreams or not, research shows that women suffer from having more nightmares than men, and they're more emotionally intense too. Those dreams can be divided into three categories: fearful dreams (like being chased), losing a loved one, or confused dreams (where you're lost, or things don't make sense). The scientists discovered that there was a strong correlation between actual events and anxieties the women experienced in their lives, and things they dreamt about.

Another interesting finding is that women dream more often about family members, negative emotions, and indoor settings, while male dreams contain more physical aggression (like fighting or attacks). Both genders dream about sex, but men dream about actual intercourse when women dream about kissing and fantasizing about other people.

Since men and woman are so different, it would make sense that we dream differently too, but I'm curious, how often do you have vivid, intense nightmares?


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