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NuvaRing and Blood Clots — How Likely Are They?

I've been receiving shocking emails lately, forwarded from friends about the NuvaRing causing ER visits and deaths due to blood clots. I'm not sure if you've heard any of this, but I thought it'd be a good idea to do a little research and set the record straight.

To find out if you should stop using the NuvaRing,


You should know that with the use of all hormonal birth control, there's the possibility of some serious side effects; one of them being blood clots which can lead to a fatal stroke or heart attack. This is a huge concern for women who have a history of blood clots or cardiovascular disease. With the NuvaRing, the risk may be greater because of the type of progestin hormone used in the Ring. It's different than the type used in other low-dose forms of birth control, such as the pill. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get blood clots from using the NuvaRing — it all depends on your body and how it reacts to certain types of hormones. Your risk for these serious side effects may be increased if you smoke cigarettes, are over 35, or have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. If you're a faithful NuvaRing user or know someone that is, I'd set your mind at ease by speaking with your doctor — he or she will be able to determine if the NuvaRing is a healthy option for you, or if you should switch to another form of birth control.

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