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Video: Birth Control, Unemployment, and Why Women's Issues Will Affect This Election

There are issues at stake in this upcoming election that will impact your life, so we're telling you why this race is one that matters for women. Watch as we break down the biggest issues you need to know about — like birth control, abortion, jobs, and equal pay — and where each presidential candidate stands so you can decide for yourselves in this special PopSugar Rush.

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I think women will have a very clear choice of who to vote for in this election. Hi I'm Lauren Bradshaw and joining me is Tray Sugar editor Annie Studder. Hi, guys. There are issues as stake in this upcoming election that will impact your life. So we're telling you why it's a race that matters for women. Watch as we break down the biggest issues you should know about and where each candidate stands so you can decide for yourself in this special PopSugar Rush. Annie you have been following the election already on Tray Sugar, particularly who it's going to impact women. So why are women playing such a big part this year? Well actually women single women make up the fastest growing voting demographic according to the New York Times. So far this year, issues that are specifically important to women have been at the forefront. Okay well let's get right into that with one issue that has been getting a lot of heat which is women's reproductive rights. So recently Missouri Representative Todd Akin got in a lot of hot water for saying that women can't get pregnant from legitimate rape raised in defense of his strong anti-abortion stance. And there were a lot of people that came out against his comments including the president in a recent press conference so let's watch that clip. What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians. A majority of whom are men, making healthcare decisions on behalf of women. So following Aiken's comments, a spokesperson for Mitt Romney, actually said that the Romney campaign savors an exception for rape, but the latest news is that the GOP platform this year will include a strong anti-abortion amendment that doesn't make that exception. Well do you think in that case Romney will try to contest what the platform of things? I wouldn't count on it because candidates including George W. Bush and John McCain previously, also supported an exception but they weren't successful in getting it in the platform. Okay so it may not change. Right. And where does Obama stand on all of this?He 's pro choice, he's a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and he helped pass the free birth control mandate in the affordable care act. And he's hoping that will be popular with women. You know he has the support of some famous women. Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Banks have both been very clear about their supporting the president. We actually spoke with Eva Longoria, and Elizabeth Banks made an ad for Obama praising his stance on Planned Parenthood, so let's take a look at both of those. I think women will have a very clear choice of who to vote for in this election. One side is clearly attacking the progress of women's rights, and another site does not. Yes, I got birth control, but it was for my massive migraines headaches and my heavy flow. Yeah I'm on record saying I had a heavy flow. President Obama, has not compromised on women's rights. And that's why President Obama needs to stay in office. Well, nice to see a campaign ad with a little bit of humor but this of course, isn't the only issue that matters to women in this election. You know What else is another big one? The economy, and that's been something that Romney campaign is really stressing. They're saying that women don't just care about abortion and birth control, they care about jobs too. Ann Romney drove that point home herself, and let's watch that appearance on Super Tuesday. I have something to say about some of the women that I'm hearing from, and we've been all across this country, and do you know what women care about and this is what I love. Women care about jobs. Let's get into the economy then. How are both of the candidates hoping to help women by helping the economy. Well as you know the unemployment rate is pretty high, and that's something that matters to American women. Mitt Romney is hoping that his promise to create jobs and past business experience will win him some votes among women, and Obama is pointing to flow but steady job growth as a sign that he's the guy that can turn the economy around. Okay well those obviously working towards more jobs which is good for everyone but Let's talk about pay for a second, because fair pay for women has been something that's been a big issue, Obama himself has been including it in his campaign ads, so lets take a look at that. The son of a single mom, proud father of two daughters, President Obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as man isn't just unfair, it hurts families. Well, currently this ad is trying to appeal for women but for those may not know where Obama stands on our fair pay goes, can you fill us in on that? Right, the Lilly Ledbetter Act was the first bill Obama signed into law, as president. It made it easier for women to deserve their right to equal pay. Now Obama and the democrats have tried to go even further but, they haven't met much support from the republicans. And actually Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Bryan voted against the Lily Ledbetter act back in 2009. Mitt Romney for his part said that he wouldn't try to undo the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. If his running mate though was so against it, do you think it'll have any sway with Romney? I think under Romney the status quo would remain, but under President Obama we might see a little more effort pushed towards passing more laws for equal pay. Okay well let's break it down, we've covered a lot of content here. Sort of for the short list, for people to take with them. Can you break it down for us? Sure. On reproductive rights, President Obama is pro choice, pro Planned Parenthood, and pro free birth control. Mitt Romney is pro life, although he favors an exception in the case of rape. Romney also says he would defund Planned Parenthood in order to save money on the federal budget, and also doesn't think that health insurance plans should have to provide free birth control. On the issue of the economy, Mitt Romney says that he's the guy who can create more jobs thanks to his past business experience. Where as President Obama says slow and steady job growth shows that he's the one that can turn the economy around. On the issue of fair pay President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Ledbetter act, and would try to do more. Whereas Mitt Romney wouldn't overturn the Lilly Ledbetter Act, but wouldn't necessarily make fair pay a priority. Well, now that we know all where do both of the candidates stand on all of these issues. Where do they actually stand in the polls with women right now? Well, right now Obama has the lead over Mitt Romney when it comes to women voters, and there was actually a new poll out that showed among single women, Obama has a near 30 point lead over Mitt Romney. Wow, so big gap there right now. Definitely . Well you're actually headed to the Republican Democratic Convention coming up real soon. Right. So what do we expect to see there as far as women's issues go? At the Republican National Convention there are some pretty inspiring women going to be speaking on behalf of Mitt Romney. We have Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina governor Nickie Haley. And at the Democratic Convention, we can really expect Obama and his supporters to stress the free birth control mandate, as well as the Fair Pay Act and other things that he has done as accomplishments for women. men. Okay, so it sounds like we'll hear a lot more about women's issues as we get closer. Yes we can bet on that. Okay well thanks Annie for filling us in. No problem. We hope this helps you decide who to vote for in this coming election I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'm Annie Studder. Continue to check back to Pop Sugar TV for more of our election coverage and we'll see you next time on Pop Sugar Rush.

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