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Oprah, Ellen and The Secret

Talk show hosts, the book business, and the media are scrambling to keep up with the buzz around a controversial, new self-help book, The Secret, which is currently the best-selling title at This link will take you to the book's website, where you can watch clips from interviews on Larry King Live and Ellen.

The book contains stories and advice from people who have used 'the secret' to transform their lives, achieving wealth, happiness, better relationships and improved health. They offer to help us understand an untapped power in each of our lives. So what exactly is 'the secret'? In this case, it seems to involve the power of the mind, gratitude, the influence of our thoughts, and how to attract anything into your life.

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I'm including links here and here to articles discussing the value and legitimacy of the book's promises, so you can do a little research before spending your cash. I took away one useful thing -- a reminder, really -- from the interview I watched with Ellen. We're advised to change our thoughts and the language of our thoughts, but in order to do that, of course, one must become more aware of them.

Now there are multiple studies that confirm the ways in which our thinking impacts our physical bodies, and thus our moods, through neural and chemical processes, so I can get on board with that challenge. I felt resolved -- after considering the interview and other things I know but haven't implemented, ahem -- to stop every day at 2pm and write down as many of my thoughts as I can remember from the day, in exactly the words I was thinking them. In this way, I hope to become more aware of my patterns, of what I choose to focus on and how I describe things to myself. I'm going to do this for 2 weeks, see what I can learn about myself, and make a plan for recasting the thoughts I believe are limiting my life. I don't want to attract anything, per se, just hope to get clearer and cleaner about myself. Anyone care to join me in the exercise?

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