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Orgasms During Childbirth?

When I think of giving birth, a few descriptions come to mind: excruciating, intense, painful, and throbbing. Although I've never actually experienced the joy of having a baby, many of my friends assure me that the hours of agony are completely worth it. It's expected, though, that giving birth is going to hurt, right? Well, actually for some women, having a baby is orgasmic. Yes, for these lucky ladies, instead of contractions causing stabbing pain, they cause orgasms! One woman described her pleasurable feelings by saying, "All of a sudden the orgasm just started rolling through and rolling through, and it just kept coming, and my whole body was spiraling and rolling, and I was laughing and crying." Wow — sign me up for that kind of birth!

To hear the science behind orgasmic births,


According to OB-GYN Christina Northrup, labor causes a surge of hormones and endorphins, which are the same ones present when experiencing sexual pleasure. When a baby is going through the birth canal, it's going through the same place a penis would go during sex; the same places are being touched that would cause an orgasm. With so many new birthing methods available (using an exercise ball or giving birth in water, to name a few) it's no wonder the experience has become more relaxing, making it possible for a woman to experience an orgasm during delivery. If you want to hear more, check out the documentary called Orgasmic Birth. An orgasm may not be possible for everyone, but midwives and birthing centers want women to know that the experience doesn't have to be as scary and traumatic as TV portrays it to be.

Have you ever heard of this, or know anyone who's experienced pleasure instead of pain while giving birth?

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